moire lingerie capsule collection


Moire, like the goddess of fate. Retro and timeless, velvet meets embroidered tulle in this capsule collection inspired by the elegance of the Parisian salons of yesteryear. Bold and sensual at the same time.
blue velve triangle bra
lace triangle bralette in blue velvet


lace triangle bra in white velvet


underwire bra in blu velvet and lace


brasilian knickers in blue velvet

slip brasiliana in velluto blu

ladies knickers in white velvet=

slip brasiliana in velluto bianco

lingerie in velluto blu
Elegant, sophisticated and extremely sensual: the Moire capsule is pervaded by a strong retro charm that meets the essence of the cosmopolitan contemporary woman who is always on the move. High quality velvet and embroidered tulle are the main fabrics, chosen to give life to a 100% Made in Italy lingerie entirely handmade in independent artisan workshops. The garments, refined and finished in every detail, can be combined to create an exceptional underwear set, comfortable and destined to last over time without ever getting tired. Discover the bralette bra and the underwired sail cup bra, combine them with the Brazilian-cut briefs or the high-waisted variant with a compression band and express your authentic style. The Moire capsule is available in two trendy shades, such as blue and pastel pink: both, wonderfully romantic, will be an explosion of character and femininity in your wardrobe.
underwire bra with pink lace and velvet

underwire bra in pink velvet

lace high waisted knickers in pink velvet

high waisted knickers in pink velvet

velvet high waisted knickers with blue lace

high waisted knickers in blue velvet

pink velvet culotte

culotte in pink velvet

blue velvet culotte

culotte in blue velvet

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